WildEarth Guardians works to protect and restore wildlife, wild places and wild rivers in the American West.


Wildlands CPR’s highly-successful programs have been integrated into the Rewilding Campaign within our Wild Places Program. WildEarth Guardians also brought their databases and resources into our organization. WildEarth Guardians is fully committed to continuing Wildlands CPR’s mission and their exceptional work to address roads and off-road vehicles.

Resources Database

A comprehensive database of scientific, policy, legal and field-based resources related to watershed restoration, off-road vehicles, and forest roads, with content produced both by Wildlands CPR, now part of WildEarth Guardians, and outside sources. This database is fully categorized and searchable, and continues to be updated. To access the Resources Database, click here.

Bibliographic Database

This bibliographic database of over 20,000 citations documenting the physical and ecological effects of roads and off-road vehicles comes to WildEarth Guardians through its merger with Wildlands CPR. The database was originally completed in May 1995 and it has been updated approximately every other year, with the latest update completed in May 2012. To access the Bibliographic Database, click here.

Road RIPorter Journal

The Road-RIPorter was an action-oriented quarterly journal designed to help citizens and activists intelligently meet road and off-road vehicle challenges. Published from 1995-2003. To access archived issues of The Road RIPorter, click here.

Our News and Views

Before joining the WildEarth Guardians’ team, Wildlands CPR’s staff maintained a regularly updated blog ("Our News and Views"), with insightful commentary on off-road vehicle, wildland roads, and restoration issues. To access archived entries from Our News and Views, click here.

Related Media

An archive of news around the country that has to do with road, off-road vehicle, and restoration issues. On this page you can find those stories, with the links bringing you to the actual news sources, updated through August 2013. To access archival Related Media, click here.

The Dirt Newsletter

The Dirt was our bi-monthly email newsletter that featured local, regional and national news, opinions and resources related to our issues. To view The Dirt's archives, click here.

Flickr Photo Albums

Visit Wildland CPR’s historical online database of photos documenting watershed restoration, ORV abuse, and forest roads. To access this Flickr photo albums, click here. 

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